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Corporate profile
Mobara Office 661 Mobara, Mobara-city, Chiba 297-0026 Japan
Phone 81-475-22-4115
FAX 81-475-25-6430
Techno Earth is committed to providing comprehensive solutions for development of underground environments. By combining the technology and experience of its predecessors, Techno Earth offers a full range of services. These services include consulting and geophysical surveys for structures such as bridges, dams and tunnels; assessment of and remedial construction for soil and groundwater contamination; and surveying, drilling and maintenance of water, hot spring and natural gas wells.
Business Underground Soil and Water Surveys
Geopollution Surveys / Remediation
Water Jetting / Casing Patch / Downhole Color Video Camera
Well Drilling / Well Logging /
Down Hole Surveys ( Pressure, Temperature, Sampler )
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